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Working collaboratively with you, Alicia can help you identify and treat the problems that may be preventing you from living the life you want and achieving your full potential.


Our brains are wired to be on the lookout for danger, which has given us a survival advantage as a species. In today’s complex, modern world, however, this “negative bias” often works against us. Our internal alarm systems go off too often and we live our lives fearfully, sacrificing aliveness to an illusion of control. Emotional awareness, cognitive behavioral therapy, guided visualizations, and mindfulness techniques can help you turn the “alarm” off, relax, and reconnect with your own joyful aliveness and energy.

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Assertiveness Skills

Through identifying feelings and triggers and exploring family of origin dynamics that influenced how you learned to express yourself and get your needs met, you will improve how you communicate to safeguard rather than sabotage your well-being, increasing your chances of being heard by others. You will also learn the importance of listening to your own intuition when it comes to setting boundaries with those who challenge you.

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Couple Psychotherapy

Couple sessions follow the Imago Relationship Therapy model though Alicia draws from AEDP, John Gottman’s work, and a variety of other models. Through structured dialogues, couples learn to self-soothe in the midst of reactivity, an essential part of creating relational safety and lowering defenses. Alicia assists each member of the couple in learning to listen deeply and speak authentically. Gradually, enough space is created for each partner to see more of the others’ true self and learn to effectively adapt to the unique and changing needs of their marriage. Not only do couples develop the skills needed to stay connected and repair, they utilize boundaries where appropriate to cultivate a healthy sense of separateness.

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Desire Issues / Sexuality

Desire is one the most powerful motivators in our lives. Being able to contact, cultivate, nuture, explore and express our desires is inextricably linked to our sense of purpose, fulfillment and personal well-being. Connecting to our sense of ourselves as vibrant, sensual, sexual and erotic beings in a way that fosters our life force can help us shift and evolve. Whether in individual or couples therapy, I help you foster one of the most important relationships in your life: your relationship to your own desire.

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Grief and Loss

By identifying and processing grief and experiencing previously avoided feelings safely in a contained and supportive environment, it becomes possible for clients to “move on” while honoring losses, to make space for gratitude and connection, and to open to new opportunities.

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