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Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your partner?

Do you feel lonely in spite of being married and seeing your partner every day?

Has you passion fizzled out?

Are you bored with your partnership?

Is it hard to make time for each other with everything else going on in your lives?

Do you wonder if you'll ever feel the closeness and intimacy you felt in the past?

Do you feel like you take each other for granted?

The Couples Intensive Retreat is a three-day immersion program tailored to address your specific needs as a couple in a short, condensed period of time. Drawing from over ten years of experience helping hundreds of couples connect and understand one another better allows me to identify stuck points in your relationship rapidly. I assist you in identifying what's getting in your way of your connection and formulating workable, realistic steps to more joy, peace and pleasure. This private, confidential retreat is both flexible and structured. I work with you to adapt the program's focus, didactic components, practices, and in-depth explorations to you and your partner's unique needs. Through this intensive couples work, you can experience the depth, scope and focus of longer-term couples therapy in one weekend.

On completing the retreat, you will:

*Know the Imago Dialogue Process, a simple but effective protocol for talking about charged subjects non-defensively.

*Know how to show your love to your partner in a way they'll receive

*Have a map of behaviors you can practice to show your partner you love them and succeed at getting the message across

*Understand more about what turns your partner on in and out of the bedroom - and why

*Have new tools that give hope while providing practical pathways to connection.

In Phase I of the program we will:

*Celebrate your relationship strengths and identify areas of weakness

*Explore how the past may be playing into your current challenges as a couple

*Learn and practice the three-step Imago Dialogue Process as a way of reducing defensiveness, increasing your capacity to listen and witness your partner, and open your heart.

In Phase II of the program we will:

*Identify and explore your Love Languages using Gary Chapman's framework from "The Five Love Languages"

*Gain clarity on how your Love Languages impact the love you give and the love you receive

*Create Loving Action Maps that will set you up for success in loving your partner

*Identify and discuss your Erotic Blueprints according to Sexologist Jaiya's framework

*Gain insights on how you love sexually and how you want to be sexually loved

In Phase III of the program we will:

*Practice using the skills you've learned in Phases I & II

*Review insights and concerns about what you've learned and how to apply it in your relationship

*Create a Relationship Vision that incorporates you and your partnter's love languages and Erotic Blueprints

*Commit to New Relationship Habits such as Feeling Check-ins, Dialgoues, Daily Appreciations, and Radical Honesty Shares


Preparation: 45 minute goal-setting Video Coaching Call one week prior to session

Friday afternoon: Phase I, 3-hour session, fifteen minute coffee/snack break

Saturday afternoon: Phase II, 3-hour session, fifteen minute coffee/snack break

Sunday morning: Phase III, 3-hour morning session to review, share and consolidate relationship action-plan

Follow-up: 45-minute Video Coaching Call one week following the retreat

If you and your partner are both committed to investing in your relationship through a deep-dive Couples Therapy Intensive, this program is for you. I can belp you prioritize your relationship while feeling safe and supported. This is an intensive, therapeutic, deep-dive into cultivating the sustainable energy of your connetion and supercharging your relational desires.


The reatreat takes place at my office at 450 West Broad Street, Suite 315, Falls Church, VA, 22046. The nearest airports are Washington Reagan International Airport and Dulles Airport. The nearest Metro Station is East Falls Church Metro. 


The Hilton Hotel is a block away from our meeting place and the most convenient place to stay. You can find out more about booking your room here:


The fee for the Intensive Couples Retreat is $3,000. I provide insurance receipts for each Retreat session that can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement. What and how much your insurance covers depends on your provider benefits. The retreat fee covers the Intensive Couples Program only. You are responsible for covering travel, food and accomodations. Full payment is due three weeks prior to the retreat date.